Oral Argument on Social Eugenics and Foster Parent Intervention

Florida’s Third DCA is now live broadcasting oral arguments. I tried to make a recording of yesterday’s, but failed. Hopefully next time a dependency/child related case comes up I’ll be more prepared. Here were the issues in Z.S.M. v. DCF: Was there competent and substantial evidence to support a TPR where the mother had mental […]

Dependency and TPR Appellate Briefs Should be Public

The case below reinforces my strongly held belief that the appellate briefs (not the full record, however) in dependency and TPR cases should be public. The briefs are already redacted and the opinions publish much of the same information found in the briefs. There’s no reason to keep them hidden. It only serves to prevent […]

Nonoffending Parents Given Fewer Rights than Offenders in Third DCA

The appellant is the mother of two children, K.B. (age nine at the time of the proceedings below) and A.V. (age three). She appeals an order denying her motion for reunification with K.B. in a circuit court dependency case following her substantial compliance with the tasks in her case plan. She has also appealed orders […]