“At the core of the intent of the rule is the child’s right to be present.”

Upon consideration, we adopt the amendments to rule 8.255(b) as proposed by the Committee in its revised proposal. The amendments address the right of a child to be present at all hearings in dependency and termination of parental rights proceedings, as well as the duty of the trial judge to make the appropriate best interest […]

Haste Makes Waste – Insufficient Orders Reversed and Remanded

As predicted, both of these orders got reversed. Insufficient dependency order reversed and remanded: A.F. v. DCF, — So. 3d —- (Fla. 3rd DCA 2012). Oral argument here. Dependency orders require specific findings, not just a list of witnesses. Insufficient permanent guardianship order reversed and remanded: M.G. v. DCF, — So. 3d —- (Fla. 3rd DCA). Oral argument […]

Too Many, Too Much, Too Young – Oversight of Psychotropic Medication for Children in Foster Care

I was prepared to eye-roll, but this ACYF memo is the most comprehensive government document on psych meds I have seen yet. Until all drugs are properly studied in the populations for which they are being used, the lack of specific evidence-based recommendations reinforces the need for close supervision and monitoring for patients receiving psychotropic […]

Oral Argument: Can you delegate visitation parameters to permanent guardian?

My apologies for the technical difficulties: this is only audio.  Court: Florida Third District Court of Appeal Judges: Shepherd, Rothenberg, Emas Attorneys: Kevin Colbert for the Mother; Karla Perkins for DCF Issues: whether a permanent guardianship order can delegate the parental visitation parameters to the permanent guardian; DCF separately concedes that findings on this order […]