Third DCA Sends Ineffective Assistance Case Back to Trial Court

The case is T.H. v. DCF. From the opinion, it appears that one Al Guffanti, Esq., appellate attorney for the father, raised ineffective assistance of counsel in the direct appeal. It’s not clear from the opinion what the grounds for that were. There must have been something there, though, because instead of ignoring it outright, […]

Crispell v. DCF: CHS Not Entitled to 11th Amendment Immunity

I haven’t discussed the Crispell litigation here before, so first a quick overview. Since the litigation is still in the pleadings stages, the following are all allegations from the public pleadings. The Crispells, adoptive parents and former foster parents, are suing DCF, CHS, and various other state actors for placing their now-adoptive child, TMC, in […]

Thoughts on FINR: Let’s Bring Them Home

By this time the allegations of abuse at the Florida Institute of Neurologic Rehabilitation should be well known to anyone reading this blog. If not, read here and here. Bloomberg somehow got the scoop on the locals and reported years of criminal, civil, and regulatory investigations of the place, including deaths, two pending criminal charges, […]