Miami Herald: How Florida limits care for disabled kids

In a drab, cramped conference room in Doral, a 45-year-old single mother is fighting with the state to secure in-home nursing care for her severely disabled daughter — while the 10-year-old fights for her life. The mother sits across a wooden table from a state hearing officer who will decide whether health regulators were right […]

Free Parking – Is the new Miami juvenile courthouse really more accessible?

Alan Mishael has been up to some provocateuring for justice with his Request for Information on Free or Reduced-Rate Parking For Volunteers and Poor People at the New Juvenile Courthouse, and the AOC’s soon-to-be-famous response of “let them valet.” I am very excited about the new courthouse. I have never missed an opportunity to point […]

The Shaken Baby Battle

In this case, McDonald moved for the appointment of board-certified neurosurgeon Ronald Uscinski, who the defense expected to opine that shaken baby syndrome rests on “flawed science,” and to testify to innocent medical explanations for E.M.’s injuries. A representative of the Justice Administrative Commission (“JAC”) appeared in opposition to the request, but confirmed that the […]