Oral Argument on Drug Use and Dealing – 3D13-0343 – M.H. vs DCF

3D13-0343 – M.H. vs DCF Florida Third DCA, Judges: Emas, Logue, Schwartz Attorneys: Kevin Colbert for Mother, Karla Perkins for DCF, Hillary Kambour for GALP Issues: Substantial competent evidence to support adjudications, prospective risk, and nexus, substance abuse, drug sales, providing alcohol to minor Quote: “They may know what Four Loko is, but WE don’t know […]

Amendments to the Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure

The Florida Supreme Court has finally addressed the following open questions in dependency cases: How to determine parenthood, How to hold someone in civil contempt, How to conduct supplemental findings hearings, and How to withdraw as counsel. May the administration of justice now be a little smoother. In re: Amendment to the Florida Rules of […]

“The first thing I lost in law school was the reason I came”

Back in March, I came across this post at Poverty Law blog: A student who wants to do work on social justice came to my office and after I emailed him Bill Quigley’s essay, Letter to a Law Student Interested in Social Justice, he sent me a link to Dean Spade’s essay, For Those Considering Law School. […]

Throwback Thursday: Mary K. Brennan Arguing for Right to be Heard in 2006

In 2005, two years after Juvenile Rule 8.350 was enacted, Mary K. Brennan of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, faced a situation none of us wants: an eight-year-old client being committed to a SIPP facility. At the SIPP hearing the Department submitted the suitability assessment into evidence over a hearsay objection without the testimony of the […]

Now watch your favorite Florida Third DCA Appellate Moments again and again

The Third DCA has finally posted video archives! The interface is a lot clunky, so I downloaded all of the Dependency OAs and uploaded them to Youtube. I would encourage the Third to do the same in the future, as it will take strain off their servers and entertain viewers with hilariously non sequitur recommended […]

Addressing the Harm of Silence and Assumptions of Mutability

The article’s full title is Addressing the Harm of Silence and Assumptions of Mutability: Implementing effective non-discrimination policies for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth in foster care, found here at SSRN. This quote caught me: Children walk the streets today because they were kicked out of a home that saw their struggle as a moral […]