Miami Herald: Mom gets children; DCF gets skewered

Under Chapter 39, the judicial and executive branches exercise concurrent jurisdiction over the welfare of foster children who have been placed in DCF’s custody. See Simms v. State Dep’t of Health and Rehab. Servs., 641 So.2d 957 (Fla. 3d DCA), review denied, 649 So.2d 870 (Fla.1994). Dep’t of Children & Family Services v. Interest of […]

Florida Recognizes Dual Maternity, Approves X.X.G. in the Process

The Florida Supreme Court has released its decision in D.M.T. v. T.M.H. Recall that the case involved a lesbian couple who conceived through assisted reproductive technology, with TMH providing the egg and DMT giving birth to the child. The couple split and DMT left with the child, arguing on her way out the door and […]

Independent Living Orders for July – August 2013

Through an agreement with the good people at Florida Administrative Law Reports, I’m happy to be able to share with you the Independent Living fair hearing final orders that would not have otherwise made it into the published FALR. The previous batch is analyzed at Independent Living Final Orders for April – June 2013. In this batch […]