Guardianship orders are hard, Second DCA’s already reversed two of them this year

” But the statute clearly requires the trial court to first make a reasoned decision that reunification or adoption are not in the best interest of the child. See § 39.6221(1). Despite the language of the order, the court did not make that determination in this case and does not appear to have had a factual basis to have […]

Fourth DCA: No conflict when same judge orders TPR, hears TPR, and grants TPR

Says the Fourth DCA: It’s not a conflict for a judge to order DCF to file a TPR petition, and then preside over that TPR trial, and then grant that TPR. D.A. v. Department of Children & Families, 2014 WL 464151 (Fla. 4th DCA 2014) (Mem). Says me: Yes, the statute allows that, but if a […]