Watch the pros argue nexus: is proof of harm required where the father kills the mother?

In this oral argument, Mr. Colbert shows that it is possible to argue under Florida law that even the murder of the child’s mother is insufficient to establish a nexus of harm to the children. Based on the court’s questions, this is probably not true much longer in the Third DCA. The OA also contains […]

Do not revictimize human trafficking victims in residential facilities

When discussing whether to put victims of child trafficking in lock-down facilities, let’s not forget this: Teens Tied Down and Shot Up With Drugs at Pembroke Pines Facility.   And this:   Video Shows Pembroke Pines Cop Punching Mentally Ill Girl. And all of these: Those may be extreme cases, but the day-to-day workings of […]

Fourth DCA rules against DCF on risk of harm. Do we need better laws or better lawyers?

I’ve read the Miami Herald’s Innocents Lost series with frustration, sadness, and a feeling of powerlessness. The calls for system change, better services, and more realistic funding, articulated brilliantly by many other people, are overdue and welcomed. The parts of the series briefly dealing with lawyers struck me, however, in particular because I am a lawyer who has worked both […]

Florida judge says schools probably have the right to decide which students have to suffer violence quietly

In Lake County, Florida, a young girl at Carver Middle School wanted to start a Gay-Straight Alliance in order to combat bullying and other abuses she saw at her school. The administration refused her request, stating that the group was not related to the curriculum despite the fact that other groups were approved that were […]