Section 39.806(1)(i) now has an expiration date

Three years. As noted above, Appellants’ parental rights were terminated for their previous child, D.B., on June 12, 2009. Almost three years later, on March 31, 2012, V.B. was removed from Appellants’ custody. This time frame is relevant under the holding of F.L. We find that, as a matter of law, such a time frame contains very […]

Who determines probable cause under the Keeping Children Safe Act?

Not the dependency court holding the hearing: [T]he KCSA [does not] authorize a court to revisit a probable cause determination that has been made. It is not the responsibility of a court in a KCSA hearing to re-determine whether there was probable cause; rather, the responsibility of the court is to determine whether a court […]

APD denies foster child twice, gets denied by First DCA

A.G.Q. ex rel. M.Q. v. Agency for Persons with Disabilities— So.3d —-, 2013 WL 466264Fla.App. 1 Dist.,2013. Though this case is nominally about the relationship between APD and DCF, its holding appears to be limited to the standard of review between recommended orders and final orders in administrative hearings. The facts are interesting, however: an […]

What I’m reading: Brooklyn Law Review

Brooklyn Law School held what looks like an amazing symposium on reforming child protection law. The TOC of the law review issue that came out of it is below. You can access the full issue for free here.   Symposium: Reforming Child Protection Law: A Public Health ApproachIntroduction by Introduction by Marsha Garrison, J.D. and Cynthia […]