About Robert

Hi, I’m the Associate Director and a Lecturer at the University of Miami School of Law’s Children and Youth Law Clinic.

I’m on Twitter, but I hardly ever use it.

I graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 2007 with approximately $175,000 in law school debt. I was a very grateful beneficiary of Michigan’s Loan Repayment Program. I couldn’t have taken my first child welfare job without it. I paid off my first student loan in December 2015. It was the laptop loan.

My CV is always out of date.

6 responses to “About Robert”

  1. just thought I would leave a greeting and hope that all is well. I am curious though about how many Twizzlers you could eat in 3 minutes.

    • Mary! So good to hear from you.

      Truth be told the answer is zero. I can’t stand those things. They rank up there with wax lips and plastic wrap on the deliciousness scale.

  2. We miss you at Guardian ad Litem Program. I know your students are learning lots from you. Thanks for your time at GAL – you really made a difference.

    • Alan, thank you so much for the kind words. I miss working there and the people I worked with immensely. I learned more on the front lines at GAL than three years of law school could ever have taught. I hope my students find similar chances when they get out.

      As always, keep in touch.

  3. Hey Robert,
    My name is Danny, I’m in a similar situation, pertaining to a couple of your articles. I am a biological father that is being refused access to his daughter due to the mother of our child being married to another man. I realize the circumstances may not be the easiest to talk about or discuss, but in todays age thing’s are complicated. I have a Case in Polk Co, FL, I was wondering if reaching out, may be helpful for my case and possibly assist in the amendment of the current laws regarding a biological fathers (who want to be involved) rights to their child.

  4. Hello
    I found your blog concerning the GALP informative. I am familiar with the program. I thank you for clarification

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