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I like hearing from people. The lack of community discussion among frontline child welfare advocates is one of the reasons I started a blog in the first place. The best way to contact me about a given post is to just leave a comment on it.

I also appreciate getting tips about events, gossip, or anything else. If you want to contact me directly, you can email at


  1. I do not provide legal advice via email, this blog, or in the comments. If you post a comment asking for advice or representation, I will just ignore it. You can call the Children & Youth Law Clinic or the Florida Bar Referral Service for legal assistance.
  2. I don’t approve comments that include details about specific cases or families. I also don’t respond to them (see above). You shouldn’t be posting that stuff online.
  3. I don’t approve comments that are abusive or rude. You can go post that somewhere else.

Thanks for reading!