About Robert

Robert is Associate Director and Lecturer at the University of Miami School of Law’s Children and Youth Law Clinic.

He’s on Twitter.

He graduated cum laude from the University of Michigan Law School in 2007 with approximately $175,000 in law school debt. He’s been a grateful beneficiary of Michigan’s Loan Repayment Program. He paid off his first student loan in December 2015. It was the laptop loan.

His CV is always out of date.

4 Replies to “About Robert”

  1. We miss you at Guardian ad Litem Program. I know your students are learning lots from you. Thanks for your time at GAL – you really made a difference.


    1. Alan, thank you so much for the kind words. I miss working there and the people I worked with immensely. I learned more on the front lines at GAL than three years of law school could ever have taught. I hope my students find similar chances when they get out.

      As always, keep in touch.


  2. just thought I would leave a greeting and hope that all is well. I am curious though about how many Twizzlers you could eat in 3 minutes.


    1. Mary! So good to hear from you.

      Truth be told the answer is zero. I can’t stand those things. They rank up there with wax lips and plastic wrap on the deliciousness scale.


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