“One way you do not recruit volunteers is charge them a lot of money out of pocket”

The Florida House Civil Justice & Claims Subcommittee heard testimony on HB 57. The bill would authorize pro bono attorneys representing special needs foster children to access due process funds for costs like deposition, evaluations, and subpoenas. The bill is sponsored by Representative  Frank White of Pensacola: “One way you do not recruit volunteers is to […]

And the first child welfare bills this session are…

If it feels like the legislative session just ended, that’s because it did. Florida’s constitution allows legislators to choose the session start date in even numbered years instead of the normal first Tuesday after the first whatever this is a confusing way to do dates. Why would they move it? Spring Break, campaign season, and […]

Now Hiring: Attorneys for Children

Florida’s dependent children finally have attorneys, or at least some of them do. Governor Scott today signed into law House Bill 561, which creates section 39.0135, entitled Appointment of an attorney for a dependent child with certain special needs, for: children who reside in or are being considered for placement in a skilled nursing home, children who have […]

Do not revictimize human trafficking victims in residential facilities

When discussing whether to put victims of child trafficking in lock-down facilities, let’s not forget this: Teens Tied Down and Shot Up With Drugs at Pembroke Pines Facility.   And this:   Video Shows Pembroke Pines Cop Punching Mentally Ill Girl. And all of these: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Kids-choked-stripped-beaten-at-Texas-treatment-1700591.php http://myfox8.com/2014/03/24/alleged-child-abuse-at-omega-treatment-center-in-greensboro-conditions-inhumane/ http://www.bloomberg.com/video/finr-patient-allegedly-abused-by-staff-members-ZKkfZvi4TJOgw9LedauA4g.html Those may be extreme cases, but the day-to-day workings of […]

Is HB 803 More Likely to Cause Another Barahona Than Prevent One?

House Bill 803 (the Silver Bullet Bill) has passed unanimously in the Florida House.  Since it’s being hailed as the thing that will prevent Barahona from ever happening again, let’s take a look at what it actually does. Spoiler alert: it does very little that would have actually prevented Barahona, and does a few things […]