Florida judge says schools probably have the right to decide which students have to suffer violence quietly

In Lake County, Florida, a young girl at Carver Middle School wanted to start a Gay-Straight Alliance in order to combat bullying and other abuses she saw at her school. The administration refused her request, stating that the group was not related to the curriculum despite the fact that other groups were approved that were […]

Miami Herald: Mom gets children; DCF gets skewered

Under Chapter 39, the judicial and executive branches exercise concurrent jurisdiction over the welfare of foster children who have been placed in DCF’s custody. See Simms v. State Dep’t of Health and Rehab. Servs., 641 So.2d 957 (Fla. 3d DCA), review denied, 649 So.2d 870 (Fla.1994). Dep’t of Children & Family Services v. Interest of […]

Miami LGBTQ homeless youth may finally have somewhere safe to go

A comprehensive queer youth homelessness-fighting initiative? Yes please. Citrus will handle the housing. Pridelines and the Alliance for GLBTQ Youth will provide programming and training support. This will cover a huge need in South Florida: “Our community needs assessment reported that an astonishing 34% of youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or who question […]

DCF Preparing to Create Independent Living Program Rules

DCF issued a Notice of Rulemaking for the new Independent Living Program. The notice gives us an idea of how they’ll organize the new administrative code. As of now, the new code sections are: 65C-41.001 Definitions 65C-41.002 Youth Program Participation Requirements 65C-41.003 Application Procedures for Initial Participation and Re-entry 65C-41.004 Case Management Services For Young […]

Orlando Sentinel: With LGBT groups in Capitol, House briefly debates ’sexual oreintation’ foster care bill

A beautiful moment:  It was a rare first-person discussion for the Florida House: two openly gay lawmakers discussing the problems they experienced as teens. The Florida House briefly showed its new, more diverse membership Tuesday when two freshmen openly gay House members supported an amendment to an otherwise non-controversial foster-care bill to prohibit foster parents from […]

DCF to CLS: Seek Attorneys ad Litem for Medicaid Denial Cases

DCF, understandably, sees the futility and waste of paying for medical services that Medicaid should be covering. Medical support is an important component of permanency for families. I wouldn’t limit this advocacy to just out-of-home kids: we should extend this service to parents (as part of case plans and reasonable efforts) and to kids still […]