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  • Miami Courts: Closed

    The 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida issued an order this afternoon shutting things down. _______________________________ ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER 20-03 CANCELS ALL NON-EMERGENCY PROCEEDINGS EXCEPT MISSION-CRITICAL COURT MATTERS FOR MARCH 17-27, 2020 The Honorable Bertila Soto, Chief Judge of the Miami-Dade Courts, today issued Administrative Order 20-03, cancelling all non-emergency court proceedings, except mission-critical court matters, for […]

  • Florida Supreme Court denies review of order limiting parents’ pro se filings

    The Florida Supreme Court has declined jurisdiction in a dependency case involving two pro se parents who were limited by the Fourth DCA to filing pleadings only with the signature of a member of the bar. The word “sovereign” occurs in the parents’ jurisdiction brief three times.  The docket, with briefs, is here.

  • Florida Supreme Court lifts stay on SIJ cases, agrees to hear TPR case

    The Florida Supreme Court last week lifted the stay on two private petition cases out of the Third DCA: KBLV and BYGM. The Florida Supreme Court recently heard oral argument in OICL, a case involving a child in the physical custody of an uncle who sought a dependency adjudication based on the uncle’s lack of […]

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  • Florida Senate unanimously passes lawyers for disabled children bill

    This is phenomenal news. I’ll post more about it later. CS/CS/HB 561, 2nd Eng. (2014) Attorneys for Dependent Children with Special Needs SENATE – Read 3rd time SENATE – CS passed; YEAS 36 NAYS 0

  • Independent Living Orders for July – August 2013

    Through an agreement with the good people at Florida Administrative Law Reports, I’m happy to be able to share with you the Independent Living fair hearing final orders that would not have otherwise made it into the published FALR. The previous batch is analyzed at Independent Living Final Orders for April – June 2013. In this batch […]

  • Normalcy Bill Passes!

    I’m a day late (and more than a dollar short)–the Normalcy Bill has passed and will be sent to Governor Scott! Congrats to Florida Youth Shine and everyone else who worked together and very hard to make this a reality. 

  • I sat in the school’s food court today underneath a television showing news coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. People around me stopped and stared. Some turned away; others called people over to see. I have no words.

  • Millions of Ame…

    Millions of Americans with disabilities have gained innumerable rights and opportunities since Congress passed landmark legislation on their behalf in 1990. And yet advocates say barriers and bias still abound when it comes to one basic human right: To be a parent. A Kansas City, Mo., couple had their daughter taken into custody by the […]

  • OA Teaser: Acostas v. DCF – RTI Residency Requirements

    As a teaser of things to come, the Children and Youth Law Clinic has OA in the First DCA next week on Michael Acosta v. DCF and Joseph Acosta v. DCF. The issue is the RTI residency requirements for two brothers who moved out of state. Stay tuned.