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  • The Power of Experts in Child Welfare Law

    The basis of the petition to terminate the mother’s rights was the alleged insufficiency of her attempts to keep the children’s mentally ill and highly abusive father from her home and away from the children. There is no allegation that the mother has otherwise harmed her children or has not provided for their care. With […]

  • Called it! Z.S.M. ends in P.C.A.

    As predicted, the case involving foster parent intervention and a brief accusation of social eugenics that I wrote about last week has ended with an anticlimactic per curiam affirmance. To wit: the opinionĀ (or lack thereof).

  • Nonoffending Parents Given Fewer Rights than Offenders in Third DCA

    The appellant is the mother of two children, K.B. (age nine at the time of the proceedings below) and A.V. (age three). She appeals an order denying her motion for reunification with K.B. in a circuit court dependency case following her substantial compliance with the tasks in her case plan. She has also appealed orders […]

  • C.G. v. DCF: Judicial Notice Is Ok

    C.G. v. Department of Children and Families — So.3d —-, 2011 WL 3250545 Fla.App. 3 Dist.,2011. August 01, 2011. The only thing interesting about this TPR appeal is the discussion on judicial notice. The Mother argued that the trial court erred in judicially noticing the dependency orders because they were entered at less than clear-and-convincing […]