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  • GAL Program Issues New Standards of Operations

    This month the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program issued an updated set of program standards. The standards cover new areas such as the transportation of children, and redefine old areas like the relationship between the volunteer GAL, the supervisor, and the program attorney–now called the volunteer child advocate (VCA), the child advocacy coordinator (CAC), and […]

  • What will the Florida Senate’s Committee on Children and Families Discuss Tomorrow?

    According to their meeting packet, the following should be interesting: SB 434’s changes to the IL Program (creating extended foster care for $0); SB 202’s changes to the Florida Safe Harbor Act (concerning sexual exploitation shelters); A presentation by the GAL Program (mostly concerning their new pilot on driving children [ed.:¬†chauffeur¬†ad litem?]); and OPPAGA’s review […]

  • FACC Stands Against NACC Certification, Just to Spite GAL Program

    The background is this: NACC is looking to set up certification programs for counsel working with children across the country. This includes GALs, AALs, government attorneys, and even parents’ attorneys. The plus sides are obvious: baseline education and training requirements, elevation of the profession to something worthy of requiring special expertise (which it is), and […]

  • What do GAL Program Attorneys do?

    That’s the subject matter of a certain open records request currently pending for the Guardian ad Litem Program. According to my sources, it reads as follows: This is a public records request under chapter 119 being made upon the Statewide Guardian Ad Litem Program for an opportunity to inspect and copy documents containing the following […]