Bonding Assessment Writ Denied by First DCA

Remember the bonding assessment writ that was filed in the First DCA? The one where the child was asking for an evaluation to show the level of attachment with the mother, and where JAC refused to pay, saying that children have no right to counsel in TPR cases? Yeah, that one was per curiam denied, four months later.

This doesn’t mean that the issue is dead. With hope springing eternal, the denial could be based on the fact that the failure to pay for the bonding assessment can be adjudged on plenary appeal, and may even be harmless error if there is sufficient evidence of the bond to make the assessment extraneous. Stay tuned.


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  1. Paolo Annino Avatar
    Paolo Annino

    First:This is a great blog! Very informative.
    As to S.S. right to counsel case, the FSU Public Interest Law Center will be requesting the 1DCA for a rehearing, a written opinion, and to certify as a question of great importance a child’s right to counsel in a termination of parental rights case.
    Paolo Annino

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