Catching up: 3-Party Adoptions, SIPP, and my reading list for this weekend

I’ve been behind on posting the news, but what a news week it has been:

News #1. Judge Antonio Marin allows a three-person adoption: two moms and a dad. DO NOT read the comments unless you want your eyes to roll out of your head.

News #2. Judge Michael Hanzman writes a very long order giving AHCA and DCF hell over admission of severely ill kids into residential treatment. I have my own wordy thoughts on this topic, which will wait for another day. For now: great job, Judge Hanzman.

What I’m reading…

Have a great weekend, everyone!



2 responses to “Catching up: 3-Party Adoptions, SIPP, and my reading list for this weekend”

  1. I have been trying to wrap my head around all of the stories I have heard about a second parent adoption ( not step parent since sometimes I have heard there is no marriage). Now this. I don’t get how the adoption statute authorizes this. I’m not commenting on whether our law should allow alternative family adoptions. But does the law really currently support this? Or are they creating a void or voidable judgment that is subject to attack when one of the parties no longer like the arrangement.

  2. I haven’t personally handled any of these, but I’ve been repeatedly assured that judges find the legal reasoning underlying them to be sound. Even if the judgments were legally shaky, there is a 1-year statute of repose for adoptions in FSA 63.182(1). After that year, the adoptions are final no matter what. Interestingly, FSA 63.182(2)(a) severely limits standing to challenge an adoption, which means that it’s unlikely that any interest groups could wedge their way in.

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