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    I haven’t done a news and notes in a while, but I’ve read so many good child welfare related things lately that I wanted to share them. Here we go.

  • The Miami lawsuit moves forward, incarcerated parents are parents, Hillsborough is on fire. Your periodic child welfare news roundup.

    Here’s an update on what’s happening in child welfare. Got a tip? Send it to¬† Motion to dismiss denied. Our office, along with other child advocates, sued the Department of Children and Families on behalf of our clients who have experienced inappropriate placements and dangerously frequent placement changes. We are seeking injunctive and declaratory…

  • Thank you to the Guardian ad Litem Program for a huge honor

    Thank you to the Guardian ad Litem Program for a huge honor

    I am honored and humbled to be this year’s¬†statewide recipient of the Guardian ad Litem Program’s Excellence in Advocacy Award, which recognizes contributions to the child welfare system by attorneys for special needs children. I am so grateful to be on the list below with many attorneys who I call when I need help. These…

  • Leave Them Kids Alone

    My favorite letter to the editor today. From SAGGY PANTS Leave kids alone I’m probably going to be the sole dissenter concerning the article Monday about teen fashion of wearing pants low. I am an adult with a college degree, and I feel that other adults are making far too big of a deal…