Leave Them Kids Alone

My favorite letter to the editor today. From jacksonville.com:


Leave kids alone
I’m probably going to be the sole dissenter concerning the article Monday about teen fashion of wearing pants low.

I am an adult with a college degree, and I feel that other adults are making far too big of a deal of this.

Yes, it looks ridiculous, but show me a single person who is harmed by it.

Every generation is going to have some fashion that is going to irritate their parents; from jazz music to long hair on guys in the 1960s and ’70s.

Yes, we need to set boundaries, but they need to be credible and meaningful ones, such as making kids do their school work, not letting them go out after curfew or making sure they are staying in school.

And crooks who do billions of dollars in damages often wear suits.

If you really want to see the fad die, stop making a big deal about it. It peaked 10 years ago anyway. All the hipsters are wearing skinny jeans.

I say let the kids express themselves.

Richard Jones,


Read more at Jacksonville.com: http://jacksonville.com/opinion/letters-readers/2011-09-15/story/letters-readers-how-about-politicos#ixzz1Y7Cn5CKv

Emphasis ADDED.


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