What I’m reading: Brooklyn Law Review

Brooklyn Law School held what looks like an amazing symposium on reforming child protection law. The TOC of the law review issue that came out of it is below. You can access the full issue for free here.   Symposium: Reforming Child Protection Law: A Public Health ApproachIntroduction by Introduction by Marsha Garrison, J.D. and Cynthia […]

Catching up: 3-Party Adoptions, SIPP, and my reading list for this weekend

I’ve been behind on posting the news, but what a news week it has been: News #1. Judge Antonio Marin allows a three-person adoption: two moms and a dad. DO NOT read the comments unless you want your eyes to roll out of your head. News #2. Judge Michael Hanzman writes a very long order […]

What I’m Reading: Dorothy E. Roberts — Prison, Foster Care, and the Systemic Punishment of Black Mothers

Abstract This Article analyzes how the U.S. prison and foster care systems work together to punish black mothers in the service of preserving race, gender, and class inequality in a neoliberal age. The intersection of these systems is only one example of many forms of overpolicing that overlap and converge in the lives of poor women of color. […]

Interesting Law Review Articles on Child Welfare

I’m about a year behind on law reviews, but here are some recent articles of interest. I’ll get to my backlog later. Sedating Forgotten Children: How Unnecessary Psychotropic Medication Endangers Foster Children’s Rights and Health  Matthew M. Cummings 32 B.C. J.L. & Soc. Just. 357 Boston College Journal of Law & Social Justice Spring, 2012 […]

Too Many, Too Much, Too Young – Oversight of Psychotropic Medication for Children in Foster Care

I was prepared to eye-roll, but this ACYF memo is the most comprehensive government document on psych meds I have seen yet. Until all drugs are properly studied in the populations for which they are being used, the lack of specific evidence-based recommendations reinforces the need for close supervision and monitoring for patients receiving psychotropic […]