#dcfsummit underway today

Today is the first day of the Florida Dependency Summit, which last year was the “Pathway to Independence Summit,” and this year is the “Child Protection Summit.”  Keep at that name guys, I’m sure something will stick eventually.

I can’t be there this year, which brings me much sadness. Hopefully people will Tweet the event like last year. I have proposed the following hashtag for the occasion: #dcfsummit.


“A priest, three rabbis, and a minister walk into the #dcfsummit and OMG they’re in charge”.

Or, “Is that Judge ___ by the pool? #dcfsummit #dudeurelected”.

Or, perhaps: “Overflow hotel summit kegger! Let’s see who rides a bus now. #dcfsummit #ritzsukz #wesolonelyoverhere”.

For all its well-known quirks and beloved irritations, the Summit is an important event where everyone (whose organization can afford to send them) in Florida can feel part of something bigger than their personal struggles in the system. I wish everyone a great time of camaraderie and new ideas. And I can’t wait to hear all about it.


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