Extended Foster Care Rules Go Live Monday

After approximately 23 months of sometimes intense debate, DCF’s administrative rules on Extended Foster Care will go into effect on Monday, November 2, 2015. They can be found here or by searching at www.flrules.gov. The final rules focus heavily on a youth’s admission and discharge from the program, including clarifying eligibility requirements and appeal procedures.

Many of the features I wanted to see in the rules did not make it, unsurprisingly. I am, however, glad the rules are done, and congratulate the folks who wrote them under stress from the many conflicting demands of both the powerful and the loud.


One response to “Extended Foster Care Rules Go Live Monday”

  1. If you pull up the rules on the USF Center for Child Welfare website you can access all of them at once in a searchable format. There are definitely provisions in the rules that differ from the statutes. Although proposed Senate Bill bill 7018 that would change the statute to match some of the rules, the law has not been changed. Folks should rely on the law, not the rule,
    if the law is more favorable to their clients!

    Here’s the USF link http://centerforchildwelfare.fmhi.usf.edu/DCF%20Family%20Safety/65C%20-%20Rules.htm

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