Fathers get to see adoption files too

A father, who was challenging his consent to adoption, was denied access to the pleadings that were being used against him because adoption files are “confidential.” The Fourth DCA disagrees:

We fail to understand how he would not be entitled to see the pleadings and papers filed in the proceeding to take away his rights. … While we appreciate that the court should find good cause before allowing access to persons who are not parties to the suit or to give access to the proceedings after a final judgment is entered, we doubt that a “good cause” requirement applies to the parties to the proceedings in the midst of prosecuting and defending the petition. They must have access to the pleadings and filed documents in order to conduct the proceedings to conclusion.

D.M. v. Elizabeth R. Berkowitz, PA, 2013 WL 1438253 (Fla. 4th DCA 2013)


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