child welfare, law, and lots of graphs

child welfare, law, and lots of graphs

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OA on Acosta v. DCF – Residency and RTI

Congratulations to CYLC Alumna Seida Wood on her first OA. She did a phenomenal job! Also congrats to CYLC Alumnus Brian Stewart for writing an outstanding brief and for going above and beyond by coming back to help with the moot and preparation for OA; and to prior CYLC intern Kristina Mills for laying a great record at the fair hearings.

Court: Florida First District Court of Appeal

Judges: Marstiller, Ray, Swanson

Attorneys: Seida Wood for the Acostas; Charles Fahlbusch and Marlene Stern, AAGs for DCF.

Issues: whether two ex-foster youth placed out of state by DCF met the requirement of Florida residency for RTI; whether the residency requirement violates Equal Protection where DCF places children out of state to their disadvantage.

Predictions: I’ll forego predictions on this one, since it was my firm’s case. I think the judges understood the issues very well and I hope for the best for our clients and every other foster kid facing similarly impossible circumstances.

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