Orlando Sentinel: With LGBT groups in Capitol, House briefly debates ’sexual oreintation’ foster care bill

A beautiful moment:

 It was a rare first-person discussion for the Florida House: two openly gay lawmakers discussing the problems they experienced as teens.

The Florida House briefly showed its new, more diverse membership Tuesday when two freshmen openly gay House members supported an amendment to an otherwise non-controversial foster-care bill to prohibit foster parents from interfering in the “natural development of the child’s sexual orientation.”

From the Orlando Sentinel.

Foster care can do better all around at helping kids develop their personal identities, including their sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, culture, and personality. Families do that naturally through shared experience, history, and values. But foster care staff have to be trained and supported to help a kid develop identities that the staff member him or herself does not necessarily share.


Here’s a video of Rep. Richardson. Thanks Miami Herald.


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