• Is Civility Important?

  • Leave Them Kids Alone

    My favorite letter to the editor today. From jacksonville.com: SAGGY PANTS Leave kids alone I’m probably going to be the sole dissenter concerning the article Monday about teen fashion of wearing pants low. I am an adult with a college degree, and I feel that other adults are making far too big of a deal […]

  • ACLU and Navy Vet Sue DCF Over Drug Testing

    The Tampa Bay Online is reporting and my inbox was blowing up all night: the ACLU has filed suit against DCF Secretary Wilkins (in his official capacity of course) over the mandatory drug testing of TANF recipients. The lawsuit was inevitable, but the big question on everybody’s lips today is: will they serve Wilkins at […]

  • How Often Does Florida DCF Get Sued and Lose Big?

    The numbers don’t match up and there’s no explanation of why. For example, there were 19 sex abuse cases, but only 17 perpetrators. I’d also like to see the cases they lost/settled under $15,000. If there are 200 of those, then that’s significant. I’d also like an explanation as to why risk outlays plummeted 66% […]

  • A Small Pharmacy in Her Purse

    On appeal, the mother argues that drug tests showing the use of drugs prescribed to her cannot support the conclusion that she failed to substantially comply with her case plan. Certainly, the legitimate use of prescribed medications should not lead to a parent’s loss of parental rights, but that is not the situation here. On […]

  • Tweeting the Florida Dependency Summit #FLDS11

    I wrote the organizers of the Florida Dependency Summit about whether there would be a promoted hashtag for the event. I’m still hoping for a response. Until then, I propose #FLDS11 as the tag. Tell your friends and followers! From: Latham, Robert Sent: Sat 8/27/2011 5:13 PM To: ‘amyk@____’ Subject: summit on twitter? Hi Amy, […]

  • News and Notes: Teachers in MO, Children in France, Catholics in IL

    The Missouri law banning teachers from communicating with students and ex-students via the internet is temporary blocked.  Via, Volkh. France is struggling with a child’s right to know his or her parents. See, Les Enfants X: denied their true identity. Court rules Illinois can stop contracting with Catholic organizations that will not adopt to gay […]

  • SSI ALJs Under Fire

    Richard Pierce argues that Social Security Administration ALJs are not only irrationally leaking money from the public’s pocketbook, but are also blatantly unconstitutional under the appointments clause. See, What Should We Do About Administrative Law Judge Disability Decisionmaking? (SSRN).  

  • Good Advice on a Wednesday Night

  • In the Academy

    We had to say one thing we were proud of and the others had to practice being supportive and congratulatory. The turn came to me. I said, “This is hard, I’ve been raised not to brag about myself.” He, on tenure track, laughed: “Haha, you’ll never make it in the academy.” I laughed back, “That’s […]

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