What tasks can be in a case plan?

Only tasks “[]relevant to the issue that resulted in the dependency and [] meaningfully designed to address the issue that resulted in [the child’s] removal from the home.” In re. G.S., — So. 3d. —-, 2012 WL 1193358 (Fla. 2nd DCA 2012). In this case, the dependency was based on the child’s lack of parent or custodian. The trial court, however, ordered DV, parenting, and substance abuse services in the case plan. The Second reverses, saying to create a new case plan that only addresses the issue of the dependency. I suppose that’s a plane ticket.


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  1. Robin Rosenberg Avatar
    Robin Rosenberg

    Umm, sorry, but who was sticking up for the kid here? If he refused to return to his father because he feared harm, then why wasn’t that addressed directly at the shelter hearing?

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